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Photohunt – ‘blue’ november 1, 2008

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This pic has a story. Don’t they all? On a recent short break my hubby was feeling very BLUE on the first afternoon. He was worried about the future, about the finances, about the choices we have to make for the girls and their future. We had a great talk, and I was shooting away with the lens as we did.



7 Responses to “Photohunt – ‘blue’”

  1. inyang Says:

    i believe everyone is feeling kind of blue now with this global financial crisis.

    here’s mine

  2. What a gorgeous picture – and a great take on the blue theme. I didn’t play this week, but hope to be back on track on Saturday.

  3. craftymim Says:

    inyang – not a terribly positive time is it… We are lucky personally as we are both in secure government jobs, and we actually benefit from the lowered interest rates.
    Love your happy pic.

  4. craftymim Says:

    Teewee – Thanks. He’s pretty handsome isn’t he 😉 You inspired me to have a go at photohunting and I’m loving it.

  5. Lisa Says:

    great shot of Nick!

  6. craftymim Says:

    Thanks Lisa.

  7. Irene Says:

    ‘When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do is think about you’

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